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We are proud to be a leading facilitator in the beer industry, having successfully financed over 1,000 breweries worldwide with kegs, production equipment, and working capital loans.

Our mission? To be the keystone in your brewing endeavor, connecting you to success.

Seamless Keg Leasing

At Keg Connect, we understand that kegs are the lifeblood of your brewery. Instead of diving deep into your pockets to buy kegs outright, our keg leasing program lets you free up cash and optimize your operations. With flexible terms, in house screen printing and laser etching, our solution ensures that your beer reaches its audience in pristine condition every time. Let us take care of the kegs, so you can pour your heart into brewing.

New & Used Equipment Leasing

We can help you acquire the new or upgraded brewery equipment you want in a timely and hassle-free manner. Here are some of the many types of commercial brewery equipment that we provide financing for: • Keg Fleet • Keg Washers • Fermenters • Brite Tanks • Brew Houses • Grain Handlers • Centrifuges • Canning Lines • Bottle / Can Handlers • DO Meters • Beer Labeling Machines • Walk-in Roller • Glycol Systems • Industrial Pumps • and more..

Working Capital Loans

In the dynamic world of brewing, unexpected needs can pop up anytime. From scaling up production to launching a new blend, having ready funds is crucial. Keg Connect's working capital loans are crafted to empower you to seize every opportunity without a hitch. With competitive rates and rapid approvals, consider your brewing aspirations funded.

Why Work With Us?

Not Just Finance, But Experience

At the helm of our operations is Tom Williams, who is not just a financier but a passionate brewery owner himself. He owns St Pete Brewing Company, and his hands-on experience lends credibility, authenticity, and unparalleled insight into the unique challenges and opportunities within the brewery business. Learn more about Tom and the rest of our Loan Rangers Team.

Your Success, Our Commitment

Whether you're a startup brewery looking for your first kegs or an established operation aiming to scale up, Keg Connect offers tailored financing solutions designed to suit your needs. Our track record speaks for itself - we've been a catalyst for breweries hitting new heights, and we're poised to do the same for you.

Client Testimonials

We are immensely proud of our impact and relationships within the brewing industry. Don't just take our word for it, hear it directly from those we have served. Stay tuned for a rich collection of written and video testimonials from at least 10 clients who have experienced the Keg Connect difference.
Whenever I need it, it’s so quick it’s so easy. We have local bank partners, and a local economic development agency but they can’t beat the service these guys provide. If we have something whether its kegs, a centrifuge or tanks, its basically as easy as shooting a text over to Brandon and he is usually texting me back in a minute or two and were getting the deal done quickly!”
Jeremiah Johnson
Owner, Jeremiah Johnson Brewing
"The ELEASE Team has been fantastic to work with. I have been working with them since 2015 on two different aspects of my professional career. For Mastry’s Brewing I have purchased about 500 kegs through straight purchases as well as lease to own programs. For Dahm Mechanical I have worked with them on funding for numerous cold storage projects. They are great advisors and great tram as a whole."
Matthew Dahm
Owner, Mastry's Brewing & Dahm Mechinical